What Style Santa Maria BBQ Do I Need For My Island

JD Fabrications offers two main countertop drop in styles: Drop in with firebox and drop in frame.

Drop In with Firebox styles are designed primarily for hollow wall islands. This style comes with a completely welded box that is inserted into an existing countertop opening. A fire may be lit directly on the bottom firebrick. A drop in firebox style may also be used for a brick island because it cuts down the cost of the brick you’ll need to build up a brick firebox.

Benefits of this style may include:

  • Decreased brick cost for brick islands.
  • Easy installation for brick or hollow wall islands.

Drop In Frame styles are designed for islands constructed of solid brick. A drop in frame comes WITHOUT a metal firebox. The drop in frame is inserted into an existing countertop opening and the fire is lit on the existing built in brick firebox.

Benefits of this style may include:

  • Longer life expectancy as there is no metal firebox for water to accumulate. Standing rainwater mixed with ash = acidic mixture which can corrode material over time.

Both drop in styles are installed by lowering them into your counter opening. They do not need to be glued or secured, the weight of the unit will hold it in place. Drop in styles are designed to be supported by the lips on all sides of the firebox. Drop in firebox styles have 1.5″ lips. Drop in frame styles have 2.5″ lips. The lips cover most opening imperfections for a clean look.

Drop in firebox styles generally come with approx. 14″ tall box, while drop in frame styles have 12″ channel guides below the rim. The channel guides are the tracks for the grate to travel downwards into the opening. They do not need to reach the bottom of the firebox as 12″ is generally plenty of travel below the rim.

If you still aren’t sure which style you need, contact us. 

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