What Sets JD Fabrications Apart

JD Fabrications grills are designed with longevity in mind. Before I started this ideal of building Santa Maria Grills I did some research and asked people what they did and didn’t like about their current grills. I discovered that a lot of people had similar problems with side walls warping. Compression Springs failing. Material being to thin. Grill grates being welded in. Paint flaking off after a couple of uses. Plastic cutting boards warping. Parts of the grill being tack welded or bolted together. Placing flat doors on the front of the grill that will warp overtime not allowing you to close the door. Shipping a grill you have to assemble the cart, casters, fire pit, guides, grates, and round wheel.

Taking all this information I made my first grill. With the following fixes: We bent the 4 walls of our grills giving it the extra strength it needs to stand up to the repetitive heat cycles without warping inward causing the grate to stick in place. We use heavy industrial springs that will hold over 80 lbs without lowering the grate and will not bind up over time. Our thinnest steel BBQ Grills is 3/16” thick nearly double the thickness our local competitor uses. By not welding in our grill grates our customers are able to flip the expanded metal each season extending the overall lifespan of the grate, it also allows are customers to replace their grill grate without taking it to a local welding shop and having a new grate made saving money! We use high quality high temperature paint that has a 2000-degree rating and does not flake or peal off after a few uses. Our Cutting boards are made with 14-gauge type 304 stainless material that will not warp with the heat of the grill, weather, and our cutting boards are removable for ease of cleaning. We fully weld all our grills to ensure longevity there are no tack welds or bolts holding our grills together. Bolts will eventually loosen over time and make your grill flimsy and hot coals and an unstable grill are not a good mix. We bend all 4 sides of our door creating a cross brace that will strengthen the front door and give it a bulkier heavy-duty appearance. We take our time to fully assemble your grill for you! All you have to do is pull it off the pallet and its ready to use. 

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