Santa Maria Vs Argentine Grill Features

In this blog we’ll explore the differences and shared features between JD Fabrications line of Argentine Grills and Santa Maria Grills to help you decide which model will best suit your needs.

Features of JD Fabrications Santa Maria Grills

JD Fabrications Santa Maria Grills are inspired by a regional culinary tradition originating on the Central Coast of California and dating back to the 19th century. As Santa Maria natives with a long history in the area, founders Lauren and JD Sinor have grown up immersed in our local barbecue tradition. This is our representation of the barbecue grills we use and love. Our Santa Maria Grills feature:

  • Thick, four-sided, firebox with structural lips on all sides to hold up best to wood burning temperatures. ¼” firebox thickness. ¼” is about 30% thicker than 3/16” .
  • Material options:
    • Steel (iron painted black with durable high temperature stove paint)
    • Stainless steel (Rust resistant 304 food grade stainless).

Note: Steel grills are available with stainless grill grates

  • Brick Lined Firebox Floor to protect the bottom of the firebox exposed to the highest temperatures.
  • Size options:
    • 36×24” single crank
    • 48×24” single crank
    • 48×24” dual crank
    • 60×24” dual crank
    • 72×24” dual crank
    • Or we build a custom sized grill to fit your space

Features of JD Fabrications Argentine Grills

JD Fabrications Argentinian Gaucho Grills offer a perfect blend of traditional parrilla features and cutting-edge modern technology. The JD Fabrications Argentine Gaucho Grill combines the height-adjustable grates of our Santa Maria Grills with innovative enhancements to deliver an unrivaled grilling experience. Our Argentine grills feature:

  • Thick, four-sided, firebox with structural lips on all sides to hold up best to wood burning temperatures. 3/16” firebox thickness. 3-4 times thicker than Santa Maria grills at Costco.

•    Material options:

  Stainless steel/Corten (Rust resistant 304 food grade stainless upper frame with Corten weathering steel base for a rustic aesthetic).

Stainless steel (Rust resistant 304 food grade stainless).

  • Brick Lined Firebox Floor and Walls helps retrain heat and cuts down fuel usage. 
  • Upper Warming/Resting Rack made with 3/8” free floating stainless rods allows you to keep food warm or rest your food without having to remove it from the grill. Most asado is best when allowed to rest a while after cooking, allowing the juices to settle before cutting.
  • Upper Stainless Frame sets into a lower firebox base. Note: Frame can be used later as a countertop drop in should your needs evolve.

•          Size options:

o          39.5×27.5” single crank

o          51.5×27.5” single crank

o          51.5×27.5” dual crank

o          63.5×27.5” dual crank

o          75.5×27.5” dual crank

o          Or we build a custom sized grill to fit your space

Common Features of JD Fabrications Santa Maria and Argentine Grill Styles

•          Firebox directly under the cooking surface for ease of use to cook with direct heat.

•          Height-Adjustable Grill Grate System for temperature control and plenty of clearance for adding logs, stoking fire, and easy cleanout after use. Grate(s) roll along vertical guides and are suspended by aircraft grade cables.

•          Large hand crank wheels with proprietary ratchet system for heavy loads

•          A line of all stainless, NSF Listed options for your restaurant or commercial kitchen.

•          Configurations:

o          Portable grills on casters

o          Tow behind BBQ trailers

o          Drop In Santa Maria grill inserts for building into your outdoor kitchen island.

•          Add Ons/Accessories

o          Gas assist log lighter to get a fire lit quickly and efficiently.

o          Height Adjustable Rotisserie turns your grill into a versatile appliance. Comes with an 85 lb capacity electric motor, rotisserie motor bracket, stainless hex spit rod, and heavy-duty stainless spit forks. Rotisserie components are completely removable and quickly installed without bolts or screws.

o          Charcoal grates elevate the fuel and maximize airflow.

•          Grill grates:

o          Stainless Argentine Grate with sloped V channels to channel fat drippings to front drip tray. Offers a hot cook while eliminating flare ups.

o          Stainless Free Float Round Rod Grate that offers the easiest cleaning and maximum warp resistance/longevity.

o          Expanded Diamond Grate, our most economical grate is a versatile flat perforated cooking surface great for meats, to fish and veggies.

Handmade, one at a time on the Central Coast of CA. We ship nationwide.

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