JD Fabrications Video Library

How to 

Your new grill just arrived! Check out these videos to learn how to set up your Santa Maria or Argentine Gaucho Grill for the first time. Our step by step instructional videos are easy to follow and will get you grilling in no time. Click on the video link to the right to find the setup videos to guide you. These videos go over things like installing the hand crank and wiring the grill grate. Have questions? Give us a call or send us and email, we're happy to help. 

Grills in Use

Now that your grill is ready to cook, check out these videos of JD Fabrication grills in action! Santa Maria and Argentine grills are so versatile. There are countless ways to enjoy wood fired foods and we love to share tips and tricks of the grilling process, from ways to use your height adjustable rotisserie to grilled meal ideas and more. We use our grill just about every weekend and soon you will too. Don't worry if you've never cooked over open flame before. JD Fabrications grills are user friendly. It's a pretty easy process that produces results you won't be able to resist. 


How to light a fire in a Santa Maria / Argentine grill? How to clean your Santa Maria grill? These may seem like simple concepts, but they're questions we get asked all the time. Check out these videos to find answers to those questions. We will walk you through the process.