JD Fabrications Inc 

Payment Terms 
Payment for all projects is collected up front in full. 
Prices are subject to change at any time, and quote may be withdrawn at anytime prior to a finalized order.
Only items shown and/or described within our quote are supplied.

Once an order is placed, alternatives, deviations, and changes are not permitted. 


Subsequent Orders

If you place additional order(s) for add ons or other items while your original order is in fabrication we cannot guarantee they will ship together. In some cases the add ons selected will affect the design of the original order, but it may already be in fabrication. A few examples..

Example 1) A customer places a grill order then places a subsequent order three weeks later hoping for all items to ship together, but their grill was already picked up by the shipping company that morning. In this case you would be responsible for additional shipping for the second order (if applicable). 

Example 2) A customer places a grill order then places a subsequent order a week later that alters the design of the original grill. The original grill design is already in fabrication, so it's too late for the subsequent order to be fulfilled. Depending on the specific circumstance we may offer a refund less processing fees. 

These are not the only possibilities and each situation will be handled at JD Fabrication discretion. If you have questions please contact us prior to placing a subsequent order while you have an original order in fabrication. 



We do not accept order cancellations once an order is in place. 

Since we work alone, we are lucky to be able to continue manufacturing operations through mandated shut downs. Depending on the current state status we may not always be able to accommodate walk in sales, but we would love to help you via phone or email. We are still available to warehouse pickups. 


We understand that this has been a hard year for everyone. We are happy to be able to provide cooking equipment that can be enjoyed in ones home.
We understand that 2020 has brought upon unforeseen and uncontrollable challenges in income, workplace, and procedures. Please order with the understanding that we build all projects to order. Once an order is placed we immediately order and process materials and incur the expenses of that order. We cannot accept order cancellations or offer refunds once an order is in place.
Thank you for your understanding. 



Pick Ups/ Shipments

These are artisan products made right, not quickly. All items must be picked up from our warehouse or shipped within one week of being notified of completion, unless arranged prior to purchase. We have very limited storage space and cannot store products longer than one week. Items not picked up or shipment arranged within one week will be charged storage fees as follows: Under 5 sq ft, $25/day. 5-15 sq ft, $50/day. Trailers $100/day.


Refunds are only available at JD Fabrications discretion by individual circumstance. All refunds are subject to credit card processing fees that were incurred at the time of the sale. 

JD Fabrications Grills are made to order. A fabrication lead time will be given on the date of purchase, and is an estimate, not a guaranteed completion date. Lead times are constantly changing based on season and demand. We do our very best to get orders out as quickly as possible. We are a small business and wear many hats. Our office time is precious so we will not respond to requests for completion dates prior to the estimated date of completion given at purchase.
Occasionally there are circumstances that arise that are beyond our control that delay lead times. Those may include equipment breakdown, material availability, etc. We do our best to mitigate these issues in a timely manner, but we are not responsible for manufacturing delays of up to 3 weeks.
Every customer thinks their project is the most important, and they are all right! We value all of our customers so we do not offer rush orders. We only complete projects only in the order they are received. If you need to receive an order by a certain date please plan ahead. These are artisan products with our concentration on making things right, not quickly. Thank you for your understanding.
JD Fabrications ships products from its locations F.O.B. JD Fabrications. JD Fabrications will make shipping arrangements with a 3rd party shipping carrier at the request of customer. Grills are shipped common carrier LTL Freight. Most grill styles are nearly fully assembled and packaged on a pallet. We provide tracking when orders ship. Typical domestic shipments take between 1-10 business days depending on location. Occasionally shipments take longer than expected.
JD Fabrications is not responsible for delays in shipping or delivery up to 30 days. Shipping delays do not constitute for a reason for cancellation of an order.
Most carriers offer "Guaranteed Shipping Rates" for additional charge. ​
While it is not a typical occurrence, damage during transit does happen. Please follow this protocol when accepting your shipment:
Remove the plastic wrap and inspect the grill for damage before signing the delivery receipt.
IF DAMAGE IS FOUND: Customer must have the driver or terminal staff specifically note the damage on the delivery receipt BEFORE signing for the shipment. Without carrier noted damage JD Fabrications cannot assist with reimbursement or replacement of damaged items. 
Take pictures of the grill still on the pallet to show any damage.
If you have opted to pick up at a freight terminal, damage must be noted before the shipment leaves the terminal. 
Contact us within 24 hours of delivery or pickup so we can submit a damage claim with the carrier and provide any replacement parts.
JD Fabrications will either repair or replace products at JD Fabrications’ option.
Products shipped to a terminal for pick up must be picked up within 72 hours of being notified by carrier. Storage fees may apply if order is not picked up within 72 hours. We will bill separately for any such storage fees.
If customer cannot be reached within 7 days of first attempted contact by delivery company or JD Fabrications inc., the customer's order will be returned to JD Fabrications inc.. The customer will then be refunded the original purchase price of the order, less shipping costs. 
Our Promise: Each JD Fabrications Grill is proudly hand fabricated in Santa Maria, CA, USA. 
Thank you for choosing to support our small business.
Happy Grilling!
~JD and Lauren
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