How to install round wheel on a single crank steel Santa Maria Grill?


Round Wheel Install:

  1. Raise the ratchet bar lever
    1. Small segment pointing down large segment pointing up.
  2. Insert round wheel on the same side as the ratchet bar.
    1. Slide crank shaft through hole on opposite end.
  3. Take lock collar and slide it over the stub and tighten with provided L wrench.

Install Wire:

  1. Take the provided wire and slide it through crank shaft holes.
    1. Make sure both wires are equal length after placing through holes.
  2. Take the wire nut and slide the wire through the nut.
  3. With the wire nut over the wire loop the wire through the grate tab hole.
  4. Slide the wire nut over the loop and tighten with 8mm socket.
  5. Take the second wire and repeat steps 2-4.
    1. Make sure to pull on the wire to take any slack out of it before tightening.

Steel Santa Maria Grill Round Wheel & Wire install

How to install your crank shaft – round wheel & wire on a Steel Single Crank Santa Maria Grill fabricated by JD Fabrications BBQ Inc.

Steel Santa Maria Grill Round Wheel & Wire install

The video was uploaded on 10/14/2021.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 2 minutes and 15 seconds.