Stainless Architectural Frame Santa Maria - Argentinian BBQ Grill

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  • Santa Maria Stainless Architectural BBQ Grill With height adjustable Stainless V Grate and upper Round rod warming rack.
  • Architectural height adjust wood oven BBQ grill pit. Argentine V Grate and upper Round rod warming rack.
  • Stainless Gaucho Santa Maria BBQ Grill pit With height adjustable V Grate with drip pan perfect for catching meat juices for basting.
  • Stop Flare ups by using our height adjustable wood BBQ grill insert. lifts your meat out of the fire giving you the ideal cooking temperature.
  • Never Burn your meat again. Use our height adjustable grill grate to control unwanted flare ups that can destroy your food.
  • The ultimate Santa Maria Argentine Gaucho BBQ Grill Pit.
  • USA made Stainless Santa Maria BBQ Grill Pit.
  • Perfect addition to any outdoor island. Stainless Counter top wood stove.
  • Argentina BBQ Grill pit with stainless V Grates and Stainless Round rod warming rack.
  • Outdoor masonry Gaucho bbq grill insert.
  • Outdoor BBQ island charcoal bbq grill insert.
$4,647.00 - $5,850.00
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Architectural Santa Maria – Argentine Stainless Drop in Frame. Perfect addition to any backyard BBQ kitchen island. Features height adjustable stainless Argentine v grates with drip pan great for keeping juices out of the fire, reducing unwanted flare-ups, and keeping meat moist. It also features a stainless steel free float round rod upper warming rack perfect for keeping food warm or slow cooking, made with type 304 stainless steel, and is compatible with our height adjustable center based rotisserie perfect for slow roast and self-basting (rotisserie component not included unless added).

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