Stainless Santa Maria Grill With Rotisserie

Stainless Santa Maria Grill With Rotisserie

JD Fabrications offers the best American Made Santa Maria BBQ Style Grills. Our Stainless deluxe model is our newest take on a traditional Santa Maria Grill. It features a 85lbs height adjustable rotisserie, LPG gas log lighter, and firebrick lined floor.


* Our 85lbs rotisserie included custom split guides allowing the spit rod to spin in the middle of the grill. This allows you to create two offset fires on the firebox side walls eliminating direct heat. This feature also eliminates the animal hanging off half the front of the grill like our competitors rotisseries. Our deluxe grills include a removable grate for larger animals. The best part about our rotisserie is its height adjustability allowing you to maintain proper temperatures throughout the cook.


* Our Stainless Log lighter will assist in lighting your dry – moderately wet wood by applying a constant gas flame to the wood until lit. No need for charcoal, lighter fluid, or any other starter agents that leave a bad taste.


* Our Firebrick lined floor will retain and direct the heat upwards towards the cooking grate surface.


*Can be used with Charcoal, Lump Coal, and Wood


* Thickness - 1/4" Type 304 Stainless Steel 
* Firebrick lined floor 

* Manufactured with Heavy Gauge Stainless 
* 4 flared upper lips for strength and durability
* Fire brick floor included for heat retention and distribution
* Four Step finish process to ensure cleanliness of the material and welds 
* Heavy 1” Round tube flywheel, 3/4" Solid shaft, and Ratchet 
* Stainless steel aircraft cable. 
* Stainless expanded grate. Upgradable to Stainless Argentine V Grate or Stainless round rod grate. 
* Stainless Pillow Block Bearings for Smooth rolling action. 
* Fully welded legs no bolts or assembly required
* Four Heavy Duty Casters with two locking wheels 

* LPG Log lighter 

* Stainless 85lbs Rotisserie Kit, 5/8" Spit, 2 SS Forks, Custom Stainless Brackets, Split Guides, and removable grates. 

* Built in United States of America


All stainless portable grills can be modified to conform to NSF standards for commercial use.

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