Santa Maria Drop In Firebox

Looking to upgrade your outdoor kitchen? JD Fabrications has the perfect solution – our Santa Maria and Argentine Style drop in grill inserts! Easily replace your old gas grill with one of our wood or charcoal grills, and transform your outdoor space into a true grilling destination. Trust me, the flavors that come off our grills are far superior to anything you can grill up with gas. They’re perfect for cooking up juicy steaks, mouth-watering burgers, savory zucchini, or any other grilled masterpiece you can dream up. With heavy-duty construction and superior craftsmanship our grills will outlast and outperform any other wood grill, charcoal grill, or gas grill on the market. We fully weld our grills, don’t use rivets. We use thicker material and have perfected the design to virtually eliminate malfunction. JD Fabrications grills are built to last and impress. We’re talking heirloom quality you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. We hand make them, one at a time.

Santa Maria Argentine Style BBQ Grill Drop in firebox with height adjustable rotisserie. Perfect hollow wall outdoor kitchen island.

Drop In with Firebox

This style is designed primarily for hollow islands. Includes a self-contained firebox that drops into a counter similar to a sink, supported by 1.5″ lips on all sides. A fire may be lit directly on the bottom of the firebox, or on a charcoal grate. Comes in dual and single crank configurations, steel and stainless materials, and Santa Maria or Argentine styles.


  • Firebirck lined, heat resistant firebox. 
  • Decreased brick cost for brick islands
  • Easy installation for brick or hollow wall islands.

Drop In Frame

This style is designed for islands constructed of solid brick. A drop in frame has 2.5″ lips on all sides to insert in a counter opening. It does not have a metal firebox, rather the fire is built on an existing firebrick base. Frames come in dual and single crank configurations, in steel or stainless materials, and in Santa Maria or Argentine styles.


  • Long lasting
  • Lighter than a full firebox 
  • easy installtion for brick islands
Santa Maria Argentine Drop in Grill frame for outdoor kitchen island. Comes with a 85lbs Stainless rotisserie and removable grates.


What material is best for a Santa Maria / Argentine Grill?

JD Fabrications offers two material options, steel and stainless. Steel is painted black with a high temperature grill paint, while stainless material has properties making it naturally rust resistant. Here’s a detailed comparison to help you make the best decision for your needs: What

What are the similarities between Santa Maria and Argentine Gaucho Grills

Both Santa Maria and Argentine grills use wood or charcoal as the fuel source. They both feature a deep, four sided firepit, and cooking grates that can be raised or lowered by turning a side crank wheel. Both are equipped with firebrick lined bottom hearth (besides frame styles which don’t come with a self-contained firebox). JD Fabrications Santa Maria and Argentine grills are built with commercial grade construction, dual or single crank options, your choice of cooking grate style, and a height adjustable rotisserie option. 

What are the difference between Santa Maria and Argentine Gaucho Grills?

Argentine Gaucho grills include some extra features. An upper rod rack for warming or resting food, Architectural vertical guides for luxury aesthetic, a fully firebrick lined box including the side walls for added heat retention, and full upper tube construction

How do you install a drop in grill into an outdoor kitchen island?

Santa Maria and Argentine style grill inserts are designed to drop into a rectangular counter opening and rest on the counter by their four flanges. No bolting, gluing, or caulking required. The lips cover most opening imperfections for a clean finish.

How do you clean a Santa Maria or Argentine Grill?

After the ash has cooled, raise up the grate and use a flathead hand scoop to empty the ash. While warm, grates can be brushed with a bristle brush, pumice stone, or wood scraper. And don’t dump the ash in your trashcan just yet! Did you know ash is high in calcium, magnesium, potassium and other important nutrients, and your tomatoes and some other flowering plants thrive when it’s lightly sprinkled around their roots.