Santa Maria Argentine Grills In Use

You're all set up and ready to light up your Santa Maria or Argentine Gaucho Grill for the first time! In this library you'll find some really cool ways you can use your new grill. If you're already seasoned in the art of wood fired grilling there's still lots of good ideas here for you. Did you know that JD Fabrications new line of grills are all compatible with our height adjutsable rotisserie system? Using a rotisserie over wood or charcoal can't be beat. If you don't have a rotisserie, no problem. Our height adjustable grill grates serve a very similar purpose. Grilling over an open flame is all about control of temperatures. Our Santa Maria and Argentine grills make barbecue struggles a thing of the past. So invite your friends, put your apron on, and dive in. 


Height Adjustable Rotisserie

Ribs and Artichoke on a Argentine Gaucho Grill

Fish on a Santa Maria Grill

Whole Hog Cook 

Bone In Rib Roast & Whole Chicken

Proformer Basket

JD Fabrications Ratchet System

Central Coast rock cod on a Santa Maria Grill