Rotisserie Add Ons

Rotisserie Add Ons

All our rotisseries are adds on's. Not complete grills themselves. 

Rotisserie Comparison Fixed Bolted Rotisserie Stationary Welded Rotisserie  Height Adjustable Rotisserie 
50 lbs motor 1/2 spit rod  *    
85 lbs motor 5/8 spit rod  * * *
Can be installed after ordered by customer  *    
Uses 16 gauge factory brackets Bolted Bulkier Appearance  *    
Custom Stationary 3/16" thick Brackets Welded Cleaner Appearance    *  
Off centered installation  * *  
Custom Split 3" guides, Top Bar, and tabs Cleanest Apparance     *
Height adjustable      *
Stationary uses standard 2" guides  * *  
Removable Grill grate     *
Grill Grate can be used at same time     *
Split fire capable      *
Off set fire to one side  * *  
  • portable self contained Height adjustable wood Rotisserie cooker.

    Height Adjustable Rotisserie

    $708.00 - $841.00
    JD Fabrications offers the only Height Adjustable Rotisserie setup for a Santa Maria Grill. Rotisseries can be added to any JD Fabrications Grill at the time of fabrication. Our design is functional, user-friendly, and most importantly, produces...
    $708.00 - $841.00