Rotisserie Add Ons

Rotisserie Add Ons

All our rotisseries are adds on's. Not complete grills themselves. 

Rotisserie Comparison Fixed Bolted Rotisserie Stationary Welded Rotisserie  Height Adjustable Rotisserie 
50 lbs motor 1/2 spit rod  *    
85 lbs motor 5/8 spit rod  * * *
Can be installed after ordered by customer  *    
Uses 16 gauge factory brackets Bolted Bulkier Appearance  *    
Custom Stationary 3/16" thick Brackets Welded Cleaner Appearance    *  
Off centered installation  * *  
Custom Split 3" guides, Top Bar, and tabs Cleanest Apparance     *
Height adjustable      *
Stationary uses standard 2" guides  * *  
Removable Grill grate     *
Grill Grate can be used at same time     *
Split fire capable      *
Off set fire to one side  * *  
  • Replacement 5/8" Spit Rod 60"

    Replacement: may need to be trimmed to size to fit your grill.    Looking for more strength and capacity in your rotisserie? This 60" X 5/8" hexagon rotisserie spit rod provides a superior balance between spit rod size and usability. Large...
  • Replacement Spit Rod Bushing 5/8"

    SHIPS FREE WHEN ORDERED WITH GRILL! Replacement Part: Durable 304 stainless steel rotisserie spit rod bushing allows for easy fitment and operation with 5/8" hexagon rotisserie spit rods. With integral tool-less thumb screw operation this bushing is...
  • Rotisserie Basket

    SHIPS FREE WHEN ORDERED WITH GRILL! Need 1 basket for all of your tumble and flat basket needs? The Performer Series Universal Fit Rotisserie Spit Basket has been thoughtfully crafted to address all of your rotisserie basket needs and truly add...