RANCHERO Argentine Grill

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  • RANCHERO Argentine Grill
  • RANCHERO Argentine Grill
  • RANCHERO Argentine Grill
  • RANCHERO Argentine Grill
  • RANCHERO Argentine Grill
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RANCHERO Argentine Freestanding BBQ Grill:

A modern spin on traditional Argentine cooking style. Unlike Santa Maria style, Argentine grills feature a brasero used to burn logs down to embers. The hot embers are then raked under the cooking grates, and are accessible by a front opening. Engineered by Santa Maria natives for functionality and durability.  

  • Freestanding, portable unit
  • Heavy duty construction, engineered with your best interest in mind. Firebox is 3/16” steel, lined on 3 sides with protective firebrick. We do not reverse engineer our grills!
  • Height adjustable grate system can be easily adjusted by a hand crank to achieve perfect cooking temperatures. Never burn your food again. Ergonomic round wheel rolled from 5/8" thick round rod for a nice grip. Not flat stock that will hurt your hands.
  • Argentine V Grate with removable front drip pan. V grates are ideal for fattier meats, sloping slightly forward to allow fat and grease to roll forward into a drip pan. This prevents unwanted “flare ups” and provides a good hot sear. 
  • Brasero or wood box, is cross bent for utmost durability and used to burn logs down to embers, as in Argentine tradition. The embers fall through the brasero grate onto the bottom of the firebox underneath. The embers can be raked under the cooking grates for a longer, slower cook. If you don't want a brasero we can extend the Argentine grate across the entire length of the grill.
  • 3/16" thick Fold down front door allows easy access to tend to your fuel source. Vents provide temperature control. Greaseable hinges mean you’ll never have to worry about the door getting sticky over time.
  • Fold down door comes with Steel Latch mechanism and stainless steel cool touch handles for vents. (stainless Latch mechanism additional $95 please specifiy at checkout.)
  • Our Fold down door is bent on all 4 sides giving it more durability than a flat piece of metal. This will ensure years of worry free use.
  • Maintenance Free fully welded legs. Our grills are one piece not two pieces that are bolted together. Overtime bolts become loose and the grill becomes unstable requiring constant maintenance.
  • Locking swivel caster tires make movement a breeze! Even with one hand. 
  • USA MADE. Each JD Fabrications grill is manufactured in America, one at a time, never mass produced overseas. We hold our designs and our materials to the highest quality standards to provide our valued customers the best quality grills on the market.


Grill Specifications

  • Firebox Thickness: 3/16”, lined with firebrick on 3 sides
  • Size: 60x28", 72x28" 
  • Grill Grate: Steel Argentine V Grate. Can be upgraded to stainless
  • Brasero: Removable, freestanding
  • Tires: Locking swivel caster tires
  • Cable: 1/8” aircraft grade wire with adjustable wire clamps
  • Front Door: Fold Down, fully braced to prevent warping, with adjustable vents and grease-able hinges
  • Height control mechanism: Round Wheel with Ratchet Crank for heavier loads
  • Finish: High Temperature BBQ Paint. Comes with a 1 FREE Can of Touch Up paint
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