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  • Our Quincho Argentinian style grill is designed to insert inside your masonry structure. It features a front facing wheel for ease of height adjustment. Stainless Steel Argentine V Grate and top warming rack.
  • Quincho Argentine Style BBQ Grill with height adjustable rotisserie.
  • Quincho Argentino Santa Maria BBQ Grill with height adjustable rotisserie and warming rack
  • Quincho Argentino Santa Maria BBQ Grill with height adjustable rotisserie and warming rack
  • Santa Maria Argentinian Style BBQ Grill Insert. Built with a Quincho style fireplace in mind.
  • Argentinian Gaucho Grill with architectural framework. Quincho Santa Maria Argentine BBQ Insert.
  • Stainless Argentinian Gaucho Grill with Brasero.
  • Santa Maria Argentine BBQ Grill Insert.
  • Argentine Style Brasero also called wood basket is used to burn large chunks of wood down to embers to cook on. Our stainless Brasero attaches to the rear of our Quincho Argentino grill.
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QUINCHO ARGENTINO Argentinian BBQ Grill Features: 

  • Your choice of specialty cooking grate options! Choose from 1) Precisely sloped Stainless Argentine Grill grate with drip pan for catching fat drippings. Use for basting! Eliminates flare ups. Or 2) Stainless Free Float Round Rod Grate that offers the easiest cleaning and maximum warp resistance/longevity. 
  • Upper stainless steel free float round rod warming/resting rack. Rest your finished steaks, set a tray to offload finished items, keep warm.
  • 100% Grade 304 Stainless 
  • This freestanding unit bolts to a firebrick base / firebrick fire table 
  • Height Adjustable Rotisserie compatible! Add an 85 lb electric motor, rotisserie motor bracket, stainless hexagon spit rod, and heavy duty stainless spit forks. Rotisserie components are completely removable.

Installation Note: If you add a rotisserie, please be aware that the rotisserie motor protrudes about 8" to the left of the unit and must have room to travel up and down along the outside of the guide. 

If you add a brasero, please be aware that the brasero protrudes about 10" behind the unit and must have adequate firebrick behind the unit to handle the heat of a wood fire. 

Sizing: 36x24" and 48x24" are the OD's of the units, not including the brasero option. 


  • Type 304 Stainless 
  • Split guides that can accept a stainless rotisserie with JD Fabrications custom brackets
  • Stainless Argentine Grate with drip pan or Stainless Free Float Round Rod Grate
  • Upper stainless round rod warming rack 
  • Stainless Round wheel with spokes and Stainless ratchet crank mechanism
  • Heavy 3/16" angle frame construction
  • Aircraft grade wire
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