Round Rod Stainless Steel Grill Grate

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The stainless steel rod grill grate upgrade options in this section are adjusted sizes, built to fit our standard fireboxes and frames bases. (For example, a standard 36 x 24″ firebox or frame base would have a 33.5″ x 23″ grate. 

You would select the size of your gas grill base “example, 36×24″ but the grate will actually be the adjusted size which is compatible with your unit. If you purchase a grate upgrade by itself without a base unit, you will still receive the adjusted grate size. If you want a grate that is actual size, 36×24” for example, please contact us for a custom invoice.

All grates come with welded channel tabs with holes for wire on two sides. If you do not want channel tabs, please contact us for a custom invoice.

Why Choose This Stainless Steel Grill Grate?

At JD Fabrications, we provide durable and long-lasting grills and accessories that are designed using only the best materials. Made from premium-grade stainless steel, these grates are designed to withstand high temperatures and resist corrosion, ensuring that they will last for years to come.

Your grill with stainless steel grates ensures that nothing will warp over time and the free-float design of these round rod grates will properly retain heat and cook your meats, veggies, and chops to your designed temperature. 

Not to mention that the round rod grill design also provides great grill marks on your food while being easy to clean without requiring harsh chemicals that can damage the grill and lower the quality of your food. 

At JD Fabrications, we pride ourselves on creating products that exceed our customers’ expectations, and our stainless steel free-float round rod grates are no exception. Whether you’re a professional chef or a backyard grilling enthusiast, these grates will enhance your grilling experience and provide the perfect surface for all your grilling needs.

Cleaning and care: 

  • Season with oil or grease prior to use to prevent sticking
  • Rust resistant stainless is easy to clean with a stainless grill brush or pumice stone.
  • Easily clean both top and bottom of the grate by rolling the rods to expose all angles from the top.
  • Only use a grill brush with stainless bristles to clean. Otherwise you will deposit steel into your stainless grate and it will cause rust.

Additional information
Weight 36.2873896 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 36 × 4 in
Stainless Grates

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Our longest lasting grate design! “Free Float” means each grate rod rolls/spins independently in the grate frame which allows for the normal expansion and contraction of the material under heating and cooling combating warping. Easy to clean!

  • An upgrade option for stainless and steel grills.
  • Suitable for single or dual crank grills. If you are ordering a dual crank grill, please select the compatible dual grate size in the drop down menu of this listing.
  • 304 Grade Rust Resistant Stainless
  • TIG welded for ultimate rust resistance
  • 3/8″ solid rods set in a tube frame
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Stainless rod grate for grilling over wood or charcoal

Round Rod Stainless Steel Grill Grate

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