Stainless Argentine Grill Bolt In

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Introducing our Stainless Argentine Grill with V Grate and Removable Drip Pan, also known as the Gaucho Grill or Asado Grill.

This Single Crank Stainless Argentine Grill is designed to seamlessly bolt into your outdoor fire table, fireplace insert, or three-sided structure, providing easy access to coals for a truly elevated outdoor cooking experience.

Key Features:

Adjustable Grill Grate: Take command of your grilling with a height-adjustable grate, designed to accommodate two different styles:

  • Stainless Round Rod Grate: Perfect for high-heat searing, ensuring your meats and vegetables are grilled to perfection.
  • Stainless Argentine V Grate: Ideal for creating mouthwatering Asado dishes, allowing you to cook close to the embers over an extended period. The removable drip pan captures fat droppings, preventing flare-ups.

Effortless Installation: Bolt-on foot plates make mounting a breeze, providing stability and ease.

Smooth Operation: The stainless round wheel with a ratchet crank system effortlessly handles up to 250 lbs. of grilling goodness.

Rotisserie Ready: Split guides are designed to accept our 85 lbs height-adjustable rotisserie, perfect for self-basting large cuts of meat.

Built to Last: Crafted entirely from rust-inhibiting stainless steel, this grill defies the elements, ensuring longevity and worry-free grilling. Cleaning is a breeze using a non-woven pad and castile soap.

Customization Options:

  • Removable Ratchet Plate: This can be bolted to the outside wall, allowing the installation of the round wheel outside the fireplace wall.
  • Top Warming Rack: Not shown in images but available as an option.
  • Dual Crank Grill Configuration: Explore other listings for more details on this configuration.

Elevate your outdoor cooking with this beautifully crafted centerpiece, whether you’re a seasoned grill enthusiast or just starting your grilling journey. Ignite your passion for grilling and savor the taste of excellence with every barbecue, Asado, or Gaucho-style feast.

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Stainless Argentine Grill with Stainless Argentine V Grates. Designed to be bolted into BBQ Island.

Stainless Argentine Grill Bolt In

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