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Stainless Steel Santa Maria Style Wood – Single Crank

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When it comes to wood fired grilling there’s simply no better way to get the job done than a JD Fabrications grill. These top-of-the-line grills will serve a catering business or anyone who wants a high-quality Gaucho Grill for their patio. If you need a wood grill to cook for guest at your restaurant this is the real deal. We don’t differentiate between home use and commercial use here. All of our grills are built to withstand commercial level use. Seriously, not many companies make products this quality anymore. Besides their superior construction, our grills serve up serious flavors that your guests will love. With our grills at hand you don’t have to be a master chef to cook great food. Whether you’re cooking for a large event or a small gathering, JD Fabrications BBQ has you covered. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Stainless models can be NSF Certified for use as a commercial kitchen grill or indoor grill for a restaurant. Ask us for more information.

True to traditional Santa Maria Style, this grill is ready to help you make those memories. Engineered by Santa Maria natives for functionality and durability. Stainless, for maximum longevity. Compatible for use as a wood grill or charcoal grill.

Why 304 Grade Stainless Steel? Because it can last a lifetime! This material is naturally rust resistant. That combined with our clean TIG welding assembly process makes this model a great choice for coastal or wet climates. We also laser cut all of our stainless components. That’s a very important step to maintain a pure stainless product that will remain rust free. More on that here: Not All Stainless Grills Are Created Equal – JD Fabrications BBQ

When adding to your cart you’ll have some options to build your grill:

Size: 36×24″ or 48×24″. This is the measurement from the outside of the firebox. Cooking grate is a few inches smaller. This listing is for a single grate surface. (We offer the 48″ size in a dual surface in a separate listing in which two sides adjust independently).

Configuration: Portable (with welded legs) or Drop In Island Insert (drops into a rectangular opening in your counter, supported by flanged lips on all four sides)

Grate Style: Stainless Free Float Round Rods (each rod spins independently, rust resistant, easy to clean, killer sear marks) or Stainless Argentine V Grate (has front drip pan, some use fats to baste while cooking, makes the best skin-on chicken).

Rotisserie: No (no rotisserie components are included, but you could order them at a later date should you wish). Yes (includes 85 lb electric motor, 5/8″ stainless hex spit, 2 heavy duty stainless forks, custom motor bracket that slides onto the grate for height adjustability without the need for messing with bolts or screws). If you opt for a rotisserie it will function on the larger grate section of the dual split.

Additional information
Weight 215.45637575 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 45 × 70 in
Rotisserie Components


Grate Options






  • Grill Grate Options: Stainless Argentine V Grate or Stainless Free Float Round Rod Grate
  • Fuel: Wood or Charcoal
  • Tires: Larger Non-marking locking swivel casters 
  • Guides: split stainless tube 1/8th thick. 
  • Cable: 1/8” aircraft grade wire with adjustable clamps
  • Crank Bar: 3/4” thick solid bar
  • Height Control Mechanism: Large Grip Round wheel with Ratchet crank
  • Finish: 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: 5 Year Warranty
  • Firebrick lined bottom 

Important Care Information for Stainless Products:

  • Clean your stainless grill grate with ONLY stainless grill brushes or pumice grill stones. (Use of steel cleaning products will cause rust on your stainless grill). 
  • If you use steel grill accessories (ie. grill baskets, cast iron pots, etc) store them away after use. (Leaving a steel product in contact with your stainless grill can transfer rust if moisture is involved). 
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Stainless grill with wheels for charcoal or wood

Stainless Steel Santa Maria Style Wood – Single Crank

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