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15″ Plancha Griddle

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The 15” Plancha Grill Griddle from JD Fabrications makes for the perfect addition to your existing outdoor kitchen. The flat top griddle is approximately 15” in diameter and made using only the highest-quality materials. It’s built to stand up to regular use and the outdoor elements.

The Plancha grills come in two materials, stainless steel and steel.

Both the stainless steel and steel griddle can withstand high temperatures and will not warp or crack under pressure. Both materials must be seasoned correctly with oil or animal fat to prevent sticking, ensuring that your food won’t stick and your cleanup will be hassle-free.

The main difference is that the stainless steel plancha grill griddle is naturally rust resistant and we recommended it as a companion to our stainless grills. Steel requires a little more upkeep. Care for steel griddle is just like cast iron. It must be seasoned for rust protection and should be stored inside while not in use. Some of our commercial grill clients prefer steel because they say it has better conduction.

This Plancha Griddle is perfect for a variety of cooking styles, from searing meat to cooking eggs and pancakes. It is compatible with all types of outdoor cooking equipment, including gas, charcoal, and wood-fired grills. At ¼” thick it’s compact size makes it easy to transport, so you can take it with you to picnics, camping trips, and tailgate parties.

At JD Fabrications, we specialize in producing only high-quality outdoor cooking equipment. With years of experience in the industry, our team at JD Fabrications has a reputation for creating products that are both reliable and durable. You can be confident that this Plancha Griddle will be with you for years of fun cooking experiences that will wow everyone at your next dinner party.

If you’re in the market for a stainless griddle to impress your friends and neighbors, the Plancha grill is the perfect choice for versatile meals at any time of the day. Get ready to draw attention to your yard this summer.

Additional information
Weight 27.2155422 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 34 × 26 in


  • A grate upgrade option for steel grills.
  • Great for all types of meat, fish, and even eggs and pancakes.
  • Mild steel material, seasons like a cast iron skillet
  • Great heat conduction
  • 1/4″ thick construction
  • Gently sloped design channels grease into a front drip pan
  • Removable for interchangeable use with Steel Argentine V Grates or Expanded Diamond Grates.
Care and Use

Cleaning and care: 

  • Season with oil or grease prior to use to prevent sticking.
  • Clean with a grill brush with stainless bristles. If you use a steel grill brush rust will be deposited onto into the stainless and cause rust.

This listing is for a Plancha Griddle Upgrade only. Griddles on this listing are sized to fit our grate sizes. Custom sizes are available for an additional fee.

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15″ Plancha Griddle

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