PRIMAL Santa Maria Argentine BBQ Grill Pit

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  • Stainless Architectural Santa Maria Argentinian BBQ Grill Pit. Height adjustable grill top with Stainless Argentine V Grates.
  • Santa Maria Argentine BBQ Grill Pit. With rustic Metal bottom firebox and stainless steel top.
  • Argentinian style wood BBQ grill pit. Perfect for cooking meat and vegetables.
  • Firebrick Lined firebox construction insures longevity of BBQ Grill and heat retention.
  • Stainless Argentinian Parrilla perfect for cooking asado.
  • Architectural Santa Maria BBQ Grill Pit with Stainless V Grates and upper warming rack
  • Corten Firebox Santa Maria BBQ Grill Pit
  • Santa Maria Gaucho BBQ Grill. Height adjustable grill grate. Stainless upper half with steel lower half.
  • Modern Santa Maria BBQ Grill Pit design.
  • Argentinian Gaucho BBQ Grill pit with firebrick lined bottom stainless upper half and steel lower half.
  • Wood Fired BBQ Grill Pit.
  • Primal wood burning Santa Maria BBQ Grill pit.
$4,422.00 - $6,147.00
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Key Benefits of JD Fabrications Grills

  • Built to Last and Impress with Heavy Gauge Materials. We don’t mess around.
  • Elegant and Traditional Design Options to Fit Your Space
  • Portable Styles with HD Casters for Maneuverability
  • Drop In Styles with Flanged Lips for Easy Countertop Installation
  • Easy Grate Height Adjustment with Ratchet System For Heavy Grate Loads
  • Firebrick Lined Firebox Styles for Longevity, Fuel Savings, Heat Retention and Distribution
  • Simple Operation for Delicious Results Every Time
  • Strong, Four-Sided Open Airflow Design
  • Easy Top Cleanout, eliminating doors that will warp and drop ash
  • Stainless Models are High Grade 304 Stainless & Fully Passivated for Ultimate Rust Resistance
  • Steel Models are Finished with Heat Resistant Paint Coating Rated at 1400 Degrees F, Continuous, & Up to 2000 Degrees F, Intermittent.
  • Your Choice Cooking Grates-Argentine V Grate, Free Float Round Rod, Expanded Diamond, Griddle
  • Height Adjustable Rotisserie Options Feature a Centered Spit Rod
  • NEW! Deluxe Options-Enjoy a Bundle of Customer Favorites at Cost Savings
  • Incredibly Versatile- Fueled by Wood and/or Charcoal, with Gas Assist Option
  • USA MADE. Each JD Fabrications grill is manufactured in Santa Maria, CA never mass produced overseas. We hold our designs and our materials to the highest quality standards to provide our valued customers the best grills on the market.

The PRIMAL Santa Maria Argentine BBQ Grill Pit combines both modern stainless architecture and rustic design. This Stainless Frame/Corten Firebox combination includes 


  • Precisely sloped Stainless Argentine Grill grate with drip pan for catching fat drippings. Use for basting! Eliminates flare ups. 
  • Stainless steel free float round rod warming rack. Rest your finished steaks, set a tray, keep warm.
  • Uniquely designed Corten weathering steel base. Corten material is not only cool to look at, it forms a protective patina instead of a destructive rust.  
  • Upper Stainless Frame, sets into corten base and can be used later as a countertop drop in should your needs change
  • The fully brick lined firebox helps retrain heat and cuts down fuel usage. 
  • Height Adjustable Rotisserie Compatible. Choose to include or exclude the motor components. 


  • Type 304 Stainless upper grill
  • Split guides that can accept a stainless rotisserie (with JD Fabrications custom brackets)
  • Stainless Argentine Grate with drip pan 
  • Upper stainless round rod warming rack 
  • Stainless Round wheel with spokes and Stainless ratchet crank mechanism
  • Heavy 3/16" Corten Plate steel lower firebox 
  • Firebrick lined walls and bottom floor 
  • Large non marking casters with lock brakes
  • Aircraft grade wire
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