Santa Maria Grills

Welcome to the world of Santa Maria grills, where the art of wood fired grilling meets exceptional quality and versatility.

We offer an extensive range of Santa Maria style grills, built perfectly for every occasion. Whether you’re a backyard enthusiast, a commercial establishment, or a restaurant owner looking to elevate your grilling experience, our collection has something for everyone.

Santa Maria Grills Built by JD Fabrications: Quality Wood Fired Grills That Last

Really, you’ll probably pass this grill down to your kids or grandkids. We’re talking heirloom quality stainless steel and steel grills you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

At JD Fabrications, we take pride in offering top-notch products that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and functionality. Our Santa Maria grill models are meticulously designed to bring out the best flavors in your food, giving you an authentic wood fired grilling experience like no other. Browse our selection of Santa Maria grills and get ready to enjoy the best BBQ around!

We grew up cooking over open wood fired grills. We know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to wood fired cooking. When it comes to the best Santa Maria grills, We build what works and we use what we build – it’s simple as that!

Elevate Your Grilling Experience with JD Fabrications

At JD Fabrications, we offer a premier selection of Santa Maria grills tailored for every occasion. Our grills can use multiple fuel sources such as: lump coal, charcoal, and hardwoods. Watch JD Fabrications grills in action on MasterChef Season 12 episode 10, Season 13, and The All American Barbecue Showdown on Netflix, Season 2!

Whether you’re hosting a backyard gathering or catering to a large event, our extensive range from portable tailgating grills to robust charcoal options ensures the perfect match for your needs. For those looking to upgrade their outdoor kitchen, our drop-in BBQ pit inserts, crafted with attention to detail and featuring a fire brick lining, promise even cooking and unparalleled flavor infusion.


We don’t like the idea of flimsy, disposable BBQ grills that big box stores offer. Because our grills are made with quality materials, they’ll cost you a lot less in the long run. Our grills are backed by a small business that’s dedicated to providing the best possible customer service, we are always here to help.


Grills are now compatible with our cutting-edge height adjustable rotisserie. You have the option to include the rotisserie components. Chunks of steak can be skewered and turned over open wood fired flame to get the same flavors which started the beloved Gaucho grill tradition. An 85 lbs capacity electric motor turns the spit. As it turns the fats roll around the meat, basting it as it turns.

The meats that come off a rotisserie are tender all the way through. We offer a Pro-former basket and heavy-duty forks to secure any shape. Fish, whole birds, pork, you name it. The motor slides on and off a bracket on the grate frame, no bolts or tools needed.


  • Steel Expanded: The most similar to cast iron, flat perforated surface
  • Stainless Free Float Round Rods: Each rod spins independently, rust resistant, easy to clean, killer sear marks.
  • Stainless Argentine V Grate: Has a front removable drip pan, some use fats to baste while cooking, makes the best skin-on chicken


How do I get a shipping quote?

  1. Add all desired products to your shopping cart and select checkout.
  2. Enter your shipping address
  3. The website will calculate shipping and automatically deduct any current freight promotions.

NOTE: You do not need to commit to an order to obtain a shipping quote.

How long does my grill take to arrive?

Our lead times vary by season, but generally between 4-8 weeks plus transit. Give us a call for our current lead time.

What type of grill configuration do I need?

Portable grills come with four swivel caster tires. This is helpful if you intend to move the grill for use or don’t have an outdoor kitchen island.

What type of grill insert do I need for my outdoor kitchen?

Drop in styles are designed as inserts for your outdoor kitchen island. We have two types of drop in styles, Firebox and Frame.

  • A Drop In Firebox comes with a completely welded box that drops into an existing countertop opening like a sink.
  • A Drop In Frame comes without a metal firebox. The frame rests on the counter over a rectangular opening made of firebrick.

NOTE: Both styles are available in steel or stainless.

What is the difference between a single and dual crank grill?

  • A Single Crank Grill has one, height adjustable cooking surface controlled by a single hand wheel.
  • A Dual Crank Grill has two, independently adjustable cooking surfaces with hand wheels on each side of the unit.

NOTE: When incorporating a height adjustable rotisserie on a dual crank unit, the rotisserie will function on the larger of the two grate sections.

What is the difference between steel and stainless?

We offer two material options:
  • Steel Grills are the most affordable option, while stainless grills are a more expensive investment. Steel grills are most suitable for dry environments but can do well in other environments with a little extra care. Steel grills are coated with high temperature paint, rated to withstand temperatures of 1200 degrees F, and 2000 degrees F intermittent. We include an aerosol of matching touch up paint with each purchase.
  • Stainless Grills are suitable for any environment from dry to coastal or tropical. They require very little care and last longer. Stainless grills come with a larger price tag as the material is much more expensive and they take longer to produce. Most people consider our stainless grills to be the last they’ll ever buy.

How do I care for my grill?

Keeping your grill dry and scooping out ash after use are the best things you can do to aid in longevity. Grates should be brushed off after use and seasoned with oil.

What are the similarities between Santa Maria Grills and Argentine Grills?

Both our Santa Maria and Argentine grill lines have adjustable cooking grates, four sided fireboxes, and your choice of drop in or portable configuration, your choice of cooking grate and optional rotisserie.

What are the main differences between a Santa Maria Grill and an Argentine Grill?

Our Santa Maria Grills feature a deep firebox with brick lined bottom, while our Argentine Grills feature a fully brick lined firebox (4 walls and bottom) as well as an upper warming/resting rack.