Portable Santa Maria BBQ Grills

Portable Santa Maria BBQ Grills

JD Fabrications offers the best American Made Santa Maria BBQ Grills, a 150 plus year tradition recognized by pit masters everywhere.

The 150-year-old tradition started when the rancheros gathered each spring to brand their calves. As a thank you to the vaqueros (Americas first cowboy) the ranchero would host a Spanish style Barbecue consisting of beef skewered on a tree branch and hung over an earthen pit layered with coastal live red oak. Served with pinquito beans, bread, and salsa. Some 90 years later Santa Maria BBQ evolved. Pit masters began to use Tri-tip sprinkled with salt, pepper, and garlic and slow roasted on a skewer over red oak coal giving the meat a unique smoky flavor that is only created on a Santa Maria BBQ Grill. Today Santa Maria Style BBQ lives on but is also known around the world as: Argentine Style BBQ, Gaucho Grill “Cowboy Grill”, and Argentinian BBQ.

Whether you’re cooking for yourself or everyone within smelling distance. A Santa Maria Style Grill is the perfect grill for the job. Its large, uncovered coal bed gives the meat a light smokey flavor and allows you to cook large amounts of food at one time. But what truly separates a Santa Maria Grill from all other grills is its ability to raise and lower the grates for heat control. When the wood or charcoal is hot you can raise the grate to avoid burning your food. As the wood or charcoal burns down, you can lower the grate to keep that optional cooking temperature.

 Portable Santa Maria Grill Options: 

  • Single crank (One large grate) or Dual Crank (Two independent grates on one firebox)
  • 5 different cooking grate options
    • Steel and Stainless Expanded, Steel and Stainless Argentine Grates with Drip Pan, Stainless round rod grate, Stainless Griddle.
  • Deluxe height adjustable Rotisserie or standard non-rotisserie
    • Deluxe additions:
      • 85lbs configuration, with 5/8” stainless skewer, lock, and two stainless forks.
      • LPG Or Natural Gas log lighter making lighting a fire easy.
      • Large 1” round wheel
      • Large 2” Tubular Legs for a robust construction appearance.
      • Large 5”x1.25” Swivel Casters.

Our Santa Maria Grills can use multiple fuel sources such as: lump coal, charcoal, and hardwoods. 

As Seen on: Kings Ford Charcoal 

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