About NSF International

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) was founded in 1944. NSF is a global, independent organization dedicated to protecting and improving human health. Our standards team facilitates development of public health standards, and our service teams test, audit and certify products and services. The NSF mark assures consumers, retailers and regulators that certified products have been rigorously tested to comply with all standard requirements. Separately, we offer customized training and education, risk management and consulting solutions. One important focus of NSF is commercial kitchen products. In order to ensure the safety of food preparation and handling, NSF develops standards for commercial kitchen equipment and products. We also test and certify these products.

By purchasing a NSF/ANSI 4 approved grill you are insuring that your grill will pass all health inspections without raising any compliance issues with your local health department. 

All NSF approved grills with come with the following changes from our Standard Stainless Grills: 

NSF approved Casters

Removable rods on Stainless free float round rod grates

All Threads removed from cooking Zone.

When you're looking for a grill that meets the highest standards, look no further than JD Fabrications. Our Argentine style grills are designed to be NSF-certified and can withstand rigorous health regulations like other gaucho or Santa Maria Grills out there; but we've gone one step further by offering them in stainless steel instead of powder coated steel! Powdercoat will fade and flake off resulting in a uncleanable surface that will start to rust and fail inspections. Unlike competitors disposable grills we have over engineered all our grills lasts longer and stand up to the harsh day to day use- saving you both time and money during operations thanks entirely due diligence done before launching new products into commercial kitchens.