Follow these tips for  grill care and use to ensure longevity.  While many of them may seem obvious, simple things like learning to not over fuel your grill, and good cleaning practices will greatly extend its useful life. 

How To light Your Wood Burning Grill:

  1. Make sure the grill is located on a solid surface, set away from shrubbery, grass, and overhangs.
  2. Roll the grate up to the highest adjustment.
  3. Place a few pieces of crumbled newspaper / small pieces of cardboard in the center of the fire bucket.
  4. Place a small amount of kindling on-top of newspaper/cardboard (pine wood chunks/splintered pieces of hardwood make great kindling).
  5. Stack your hardwood logs over the kindling. 
  6. Light the kindling using matches or extended neck lighter.
  7. After 15-20 minutes, add one log at a time until desired cooking temperature is reached.


Over fueling can result in uncontrollable fires or causing warping and paint chipping. Do not consider your grill a bon-fire pit. Excessive fires will void our warranty.

How to season grill grates

Once the fire has burned down to desired cooking temperature, lower the grate to desired cooking height. One of the most common mistakes is to lower the grate into a hot fire before it’s had a chance to cool down to a good cooking temperature. This serves no purpose, and will only increase the chance of warping. Use “Dad’s 5 Second Rule.” The rule says, if you can hold your hand over the grate for 5 seconds it is the right temperature for cooking. Using tongs or similar utensil, grease the grates and grate frames using fat trimmings, a potato half dipped in cooking oil, or cooking spray. This will provide a non-stick grilling surface. Re-season as needed, per grill care and use. 

How to clean steel grill grates

  1. Preserve the Grates: Treat your steel grate like a cast iron skillet. The grease on your grill grates acts as a protectant against rust. After each use, do not scrub off all the grease. Instead, leave some to help preserve the steel grates.
  2. Brush and Re-season: After a cook, brush the grates to remove any loose debris and re-season them with oil or animal fat as needed so they're ready for next use.

How to clean stainless grill grates

  1. Avoid Steel Brushes: Do not use a steel brush to clean stainless steel grates, as this can cause rusting. Instead, use a brush designed specifically for stainless steel or a nylon brush. 
  2. Use Cleaning Pumice: Products such as Grill Stone are specifically designed for cleaning grill grates. The soft pumice easily removes built up grease from expanded or rod grates. Use while grate is hot or cold. 
  3. Wet Rag: A rag or sponge with warm water works wonders. Use water alone, or with dish soap to scrub your grates. 

Cleaning the firebox

  • Remove Ash After Use: After each use, once the ash has cooled, clean out the steel firebox. If ash is left to accumulate and gets wet, it can become acidic and damage your firebox over time.
  • Wipe Clean Before Storage: Before covering your grill for extended periods, especially during winter, wipe the firebox clean of debris and grease. Use a degreaser like Oven Off to remove any stubborn grease.


General Maintenance

  1. Wire Rope: Periodically check the wire rope for fraying and replace it if you notice any damage.
  2. Wire Rope Clamps and Ratchet Handle: Ensure the wire rope clamps and ratchet handle are tight.
  3. Log Lighter: Unscrew the log lighter to check for ash buildup. If you find ash, tip the tube over and dump it out.
  4. Addressing Rust: If you notice any paint breakdown, use 120 grit sandpaper to sand the area and then touch it up with the provided touch-up paint.

Storing your grill

Use an existing overhang: Take advantage of an existing structure by storing your portable grill under an awning, patio cover, or a garage for an easy way to keep it dry. 

Use a grill covers: To protect your grill from the elements when not in use, use a grill cover. Cloth grill covers are available at various retailers and online. For custom covers, check out 

Use storage lids: Flat storage lids are not watertight, but they do a great job of keeping out leaves, debris, and critters. PRODUCT LINK

By following these grill care and use steps you'll be sure to enjoy your grill for years to come.