How to assemble a stainless Santa Maria grill

All Supplies are provided with grill when purchased. We will also provide a Hex Head wrench to lock the set screw on the pillow blocks.

Time: 10 minutes


  • Wire Rope
  • Round Wheel
  • 3/8″ Nylon Nuts
  • Ratchet Bar


  • 9/16 Wrench
  • 8mm socket
  • Hex Head wrench provided with grill

Round Wheel Install

  1. Slide the provided round wheel through the upper guide hole.
    1. Make sure that the round wheels pillow block aligns with the two 3/8″ stainless studs and inserts into the opposite sides pillow block bearing.
    2. Leave enough room so the 3/8″ nuts can be inserted onto the studs.
  2. Insert the 3/8″ bolts onto the studs. Hand tighten the bolts until they have a snug fit. Don’t overtighten.
  3. Tighten set screws on the pillow blocks.

Ratchet Bar Install

  1. Place the provided 3/8″ bolt through the ratchets bar 7/16″ hole.
    1. Make sure that the threads are facing opposite the round stock.
  2. Place the threaded end of the bolt through the L shaped backing plates 7/16″ hole.
    1. Make sure the bolt is facing downwards with the round bar above the bolt.
  3. Place 3/8″ nut on the backside of the plate.
    1. take your two 9/16 wrenches and tighten the nut and bolt until its secure.
    2. Back off the bolt and nut 1/4″ turn until the bar is slightly loose.

Install Wire

  1. Push the provided cable through the crank shafts two holes.
    1. Make sure both wires hang down equally. (for appearance purposes)
  2. Slide one cable clamp onto the wire.
    1. loop the wire through the grates tab. Until you have a 1.5″-2″ loop.
  3. Slide the cable clamp over the loop and tighten with 8mm socket.
  4. Slide the remaining cable clamp over the opposite end wire.
    1. loop the wire through the grates tab. Pull until the slack is out of the wire.
  5. slide the cable clamp over the loop and tighten with 8mm socket.
    1. snip and excess wire for a clean look.
  • If your grill has a log lighter installed then place two small 1.5″ blocks under the grate before installing the wire.