How to set up your Santa Maria and Argentine Style Grill

Your grill has arrived! Getting it set up will only take a few minutes. Let us help you get grilling. Here you'll find out how to set up your Santa Maria or Argentine grill so you can start cooking up delicious meals. There are specific videos for each material type. So please follow the headings to make sure you're watching the right one for your needs. By doing so, you'll get the most out of these helpful videos. Steel and stainless grills have some differences when it comes to initial set up the the round wheel and wire installation. Steel single and dual crank grills will have two different videos due to different set ups. While stainless single and dual crank grills will have only one video because installation is the same. There are also videos about setting up your height adjustable rotisserie and installing a log lighter if those were things you ordered. Once your grill is set up, cruise over to our Grills in Use page which has videos of our grills in action. Those videos showcase the many ways wood and charcoal grills can be used and will give you some great ideas for your first few barbecues. On that note, we hope you enjoy your new grill! Please contact us if you need any further help with the initial set up of your grill.

Steel Dual crank grill setup

Steel Single Crank Grill Setup

Rotisserie Setup


Stainless Grill Setup


Log lighter Installation


install a round wheel, ratchet bar, and wire cable