Height Adjustable Rotisserie

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  • Height adjustable Santa Maria BBQ Grill with rotisserie attachment. Perfect for slow roast
  • Height adjustable Rotisserie on a Santa Maria BBQ Grill Pit.
  • Stainless Height adjustable one grill rotisserie on a JD Fabrications Santa Maria Argentine BBQ Grill Pit
  • Slow Roast Santa Maria Tri-tip on a height adjustable rotisserie.
  • Full suckling pig on a JD Fabrications Height adjustable rotisserie capable of handling 85lbs.
  • 85 lbs height adjustable rotisserie on an Argentinian bbq grill Pit.
  • Height adjustable rotisserie is better than a fixed rotisserie because you can set the grill at different heights giving you different cooking temperatures. On a fixed you may have the fire to hot and burn the meat or cook it to fast.
  • Height adjustable Gaucho grill with height adjustable rotisserie.
  • Wood burning BBQ Grill with with Height adjustable rotisserie unit.
  • portable self contained Height adjustable wood Rotisserie cooker.
  • wood burning stove with height adjustable rotisserie / grate cooking area.
  • JD FAbrications Santa Maria Argentine BBQ Grill pit with rotisserie attachment.
  • Height adjustable rotisserie unit on a Stainless Santa Maria BBQ Grill Pit.
  • Rotisserie Tri-tip.
  • perfectly cooked self basted tri-tip on a JD Fabrications Santa Maria BBQ Grill Pit
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JD Fabrications offers the only Height Adjustable Rotisserie setup for a Santa Maria Grill.

Rotisseries can be added to any JD Fabrications Grill at the time of fabrication. Our design is functional, user-friendly, and most importantly, produces excellent results. Rotisserie height is adjusted by existing Round Wheel or L crank feature. Height Adjustable Rotisseries can be made compatible with any grate style and any material option. All rotisserie components are Grade 304 stainless steel. This design does not alter the function of the existing grill and all components are removable for storage. Compatible with single and dual crank grills. For dual crank grills, rotisserie is purchased separately for each independent side. Many people opt for the larger side only.

A few modifications are made to make a grill compatible with a Height Adjustable Rotisserie option, so this add on must be decided on, at the time of grill fabrication; it cannot be added afterwards. The vertical guides are changed to a split 1.5" x 1"tube design, providing a centered track for the spit rod to travel. The horizontal top support bar is upgraded to larger 3"x 2" tube to accommodate the larger vertical guides. Grates are made to sit within a sub-frame so they can be easily removed when the rotisserie is in use. This allows room for animals up to 85 lbs! A custom slide on motor mount bracket is added to the grate frame so the motor can be installed without the need for bolts or tools. Check out our video clips for a visual! We know you’ll love it.



  • All 304 Grade Stainless Components
  • 85 lb Capacity Electric Rotisserie Motor with Stainless Casing
  • Custom sliding motor mount
  • Resting bracket with adjustable locking collar
  • 5/8” stainless hexagonal spit rod
  • 2 heavy duty stainless spit forks
  • Motor cooling fan which spins at 6 revolutions per minute


  • Compatible with Steel and Stainless Grates (please select the appropriate option)
  • Compatible with Single and Dual Crank Configurations. NOTE: Rotisseries only function on ONE side of a dual crank grill.


Grill Alterations: 

  • Split grate tracks, 1.5"x 1" .120 wall tubing vs. STD Channel 
  • Sub-frame with Laser cut custom Rotisserie brackets
  • Extended vertical grate tracks 41" vs STD 36"
  • 3" upgrade support bar vs 2" support bar 
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    Height Adjustable Rotisserie

    Posted by Carrera on Jul 10th 2020

    Great compliment to the main grill

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