Stainless Santa Maria Grills with firebrick bottom

Stainless Santa Maria Grills with firebrick bottom

Top quality, USA Made, Santa Maria Style BBQ Grills. JD Fabrications is family owned and operated by Central Coast natives who have spent their entire lives cooking over an open fire with wood and charcoal. We have designed tried and true, functional designs that we use personally, setting the standard for longevity and durability. JD Fabrications grills feature thick, quality materials, and are equipped with reinforced side walls, ideal firebox depth for ultimate ventilation, and a height adjustable grate system. 

Always personal service, no middlemen, no hassle. We stand by our designs, just check out our unbiased happy customer reviews! Only direct sales grill company for highest quality grills at most reasonable price. These are artisan products, not lightweight mass produced junk. We direct manufacturer every grill we sell to order, then ship to your curb! 

Residential, Commercial, Catering, and Custom Sizes are also available!


We use only 304 Grade Stainless Steel materials use an 8-step stainless manufacturing process for maximum rust resistance. 

  1. Laser cut stainless parts.
  2. Specialized Plastic rolling dies to minimize cross contamination.
  3. First Polish with specialized stainless grinder/pad prior to welding.
  4. Tig welded to minimize heat dissipation in material, ensure a clean filler metal with no contaminates, and a nice clean weld appearance.
  5. Final Grinding and polishing.
  6. Welds are passivated with a specialized machine ensuring that the stainless protective layer is formed again.
  7. We then rinse the entire grill with a specialized stainless cleaner to ensure any contaminates are removed from the grill.
  8. Finish off with a polish.

Without passivation stainless welds are likely to form a rust. Read more about the importance of passivation and why all stainless grills are not created equal!