Firebrick Lined Bottom

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  • firebrick lined Santa Maria BBQ Grill Pit. Helps protect the bottom from burn thru.
  • Firebrick lined Santa Maria Argentine BBQ Grill Pit helps keep the meat off the metal.
  • Firebrick lined Gaucho BBQ Grill Pit. The firebrick added to the bottom of the grill helps retain the heat.
  • Use less wood on your santa maria BBQ Grill pit by adding firebrick to the bottom
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Metal, by nature, expands and contracts with changing temperatures. If the material is heated too extensively it may not return to it's normal shape once cooled. 

Firebrick adds a layer of heat absorbing protection to the bottom of a grill bucket, reducing heat exposure to this heat susceptible area.

Firebrick combats warping, aiding in longevity and extending useful life.

Firebrick can be added to steel or stainless grills, and single or dual crank grills.

Listed price is for firebrick that is added to the grill at time of order. We do not sell firebrick for grills that have shipped. 

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