Dual Crank Primal Architectural Grill

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  • Architectural Santa Maria Argentine Gaucho BBQ Grill Pit
  • Santa Maria Argentine Height adjustable BBQ Grill with height adjustable rotisserie capable of holding 85lbs of meat.
  • Dual Crank Primal Architectural Grill
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Primal Santa Maria Argentine BBQ Grill Pit combines both modern stainless architecture and rustic design. Making it not only a show piece but a working piece of art. 

Note: images reflect stainless expanded change. All Primal dual crank grills will have the same grate on both sides. Corten Base will develop protective rust overtime. 


  • Precisely sloped Stainless Argentine Grill grate with drip pan: Perfect for catching fat dripping and rolling them into the front drip pan for basting and minimizing flare ups. 
  • Stainless steel free float round rod warming rack: Easy to clean and perfect for slow cooking and keeping food warm. 
  • Corten firebox: Uniquely designed weathering steel that created a protective out rust to prevent rust through. 
  • Firebrick lined firebox: Helps retrain heat inside the firebox and helps prevent premature warping of the firebox floor. 
  • Large non marking casters: Perfect for rolling over different terrains with lock brakes to stop grill from moving when being used.  
  • Height adjustable Rotisserie: Center shaft to create equal weight distribution, ease of splitting fire to cook on both sides with indirect heat, and allows for guides to operate smoothly when height is being adjusted. 
  • Dual Crank: 60:40 split 



  • Type 304 Stainless upper grill
  • Split guides that can accept a stainless rotisserie (with JD Fabrications custom brackets)
  • Stainless Argentine Grate with drip pan (can be upgraded to stainless free float round rod grate) 
  • Upper stainless round rod warming rack 
  • Stainless Round wheel with spokes and Stainless ratchet crank mechanism
  • Heavy 3/16" Corten Plate steel lower firebox 
  • Firebrick lined walls and bottom floor 
  • Large non marking casters with lock brakes
  • Aircraft grade wire
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