Countertop Patio Oven 5.8

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  • Countertop Patio Oven 5.8
  • Countertop Patio Oven 5.8
  • Countertop Patio Oven 5.8
  • Countertop Patio Oven 5.8
  • Countertop Patio Oven 5.8
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Our largest oven heats up quickly with a powerful gas burner. Or, fire up the oven with wood to impress your foody friends. With plenty of room for pizzas with the option to grill kit, you’ll be inviting the whole team over after your next game.


Fuel - Gas (LP or NG) or Wood

Gas Burn Rate - Up to 60,000 BTUs/hr

Heat Up Time - 20 min

Oven Temp - Up to 750 F **

Weight Counter Top - 375 lbs

Weight Freestanding - 519 lbs

Oven Capacity - 5.8 sqft

Finish - Stainless Steel & Copper Powder Coat


Freestanding Oven

Countertop Oven



Allow a minimum of 8 in. Clearance to combustible materials to the back and sides of the oven.

Countertop ovens may be installed on a non-combustilbe surface using the feet included with the unit.



• The oven must be installed outdoors.

• Chimney pipe and cap included with the oven. The chimney may be extended using 7” stove pipe and the pipe adapter kit. *

• HearthStone recommends using a 40 lb. liquid propane tank with the included gas regulator. Gas tank suppiled by the owner. The oven may also be connected to a gas supply piping system.

• Ember protection: A non-combustible floor is required in front of the oven equal to the width of the oven and extending 18” in front of the oven opening.*

• When burning wood, burn only natural firewood (known as cordwood). This oven is not designed to burn other fuels.




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