How to clean your Santa Maria Grill grates?

Our biggest recommendation when cleaning a grill grate is to make sure that you are using the right materials for the right grate. Using a steel wire brush on a stainless grill grate will cause the stainless to rust.

Total time: 10 minutes


  • Nylon wire brush
  • Stainless wire brush
  • Pumice stone
  • Rag

Clean stainless Argentine and Round Rod Grates when warm?

  1. After warming the grill up or as the grill is cooling down.
  2. Take a wet cloth that is folded multiple times and rub the grates.
    1. Make sure cloth stays wet.
    2. Discard rag after done.

Clean stainless Argentine and Round Rod Grates when cold?

  1. Make sure grill grate is cold
  2. Use a Nylon Wire brush, Stainless 304 grade or better wire brush, or pumice stone.
  3. Rub the brush or stone across the grates front to back.
    1. If using pumice make sure to rinse residual pumice off.
    2. If using a wire brush make sure to remove any loose bristles.

Clean Expanded Warm or Cold?

  1. Rub brush across grate removing any food particles.
    1. Use a stainless or nylon wire brush for stainless expanded and a any brush for steel.