How To Light Your Wood Burning Santa Maria Argentine Grill

Metal, by nature, expands and contracts with changing temperatures. You will sometimes notice the firebox and grates expanding and bowing slightly when a fire is lit. As long as the heat is not excessive the firebox and grate will return to their original shapes when the fire burns down. Over fueling your grill and lighting a excessive fire can cause temperatures to rise too rapidly and the metal to bow or "warp" uncontrollably. While our grills are designed to withstand wood fire temperatures, it's a good idea to load wood methodically versus all at once to avoid that situation.

Follow these tips to ensure longevity of your grill. While many of them may seem obvious, learning to not over fuel your grill will greatly extend it’s useful life.
Step 1 Make sure the grill is located on a solid surface, set away from shrubbery, grass, and overhangs. Step 2 Roll the grate up to it’s highest adjustment. Step 3 Place a few pieces of crumbled newspaper / small pieces of cardboard in the center of the fire bucket. Step 4 Place a small amount of kindling on-top of newspaper/cardboard (pine wood chunks/splintered pieces of hardwood make great kindling). Step 5 Light the kindling using matches or a extended neck lighter. Step 6 Once kindle is lit add 2-3 split hardwood logs to get the fire going. Step 7 Add logs one at a time until desired cooking temperature is reached.
Step 8 Lower your grate to begin cooking.
Dad’s 5 Second Rule: If you can hold your hand over the grate for 5 seconds then its about the right temperature for cooking. 
Sep 17th 2018

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