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Argentine Gaucho-Style Grills: A South American Tradition

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Argentine grilling with our wood or charcoal-fired Argentina style grills. Our grills draw inspiration from the time-honored Gaucho grills used by the grill gauchos of Buenos Aires, combining historical authenticity with modern design and convenience.

Key Features and Benefits of our Argentine Gaucho Grills

  • Authentic Parrilla Grill Experience: The Argentine grill, or Parrilla grill, is not just a grill, but a culinary tradition. We offer many grate styles, including the characteristic V-shaped grates and drip pan, it delivers unique flavor and juiciness, making it the best Argentine grill for those seeking a traditional experience. If you prefer, we also offer a stainless free float round rod cooking grate or expanded diamond grate for further versatility. 
  • Versatile Cook Surfaces: Our gaucho grills are designed with flexible cooking surfaces that adjust to varying heights, allowing you to control the heat exposure perfectly, ensuring your meat is grilled to perfection.
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless-Steel Construction: JD Fabrications uses high-quality, heavy-duty steel and stainless steel in all gaucho grill models, guaranteeing longevity and a rust-free grilling life.
  • Perfect Portability: Getting started has never been easier. With heavy-duty caster tires they are self-contained cooking machines ready to get the job done without any need to build out an island.
  • Spacious Grill Area: Our Argentina grill for sale offers an expansive grill area, providing ample space to cater for family get-togethers or larger gatherings.
  • The Charm of the Gaucho Grill: This Argentine Grill is famed for its distinctive high-heat, open-grill style of cooking. Enjoy the best of South America’s grilling techniques in your backyard.

When you buy from JD Fabrications, you’re not just purchasing an Argentine grill, you’re investing in a culinary tradition that takes you to the heart of Argentine wood fired cooking with each use. Experience the passion of Argentinian grills with a grill that promises to deliver a remarkable cooking experience every time.

# 1 Manufacture of Argentine and Gaucho Style Grills in USA

Our  Gaucho Grills are the perfect addition to any outdoor or indoor commercial kitchen, offering a premium cooking experience that is sure to impress. Made from high-quality stainless steel and certified by NSF. Our grills are built to last and impress.

Our Gaucho Grills feature your choice of adjustable cooking grates. A V-grate with front drip pan or a free float rod grate. Whether you’re grilling up steaks, chicken, vegetables, or anything in between, our grills provide even heat distribution and precise temperature control.

In addition to their impressive cooking capabilities, our Gaucho Grills are also designed with style and aesthetics in mind. Our optional modern Corten base adds a contemporary look to your outdoor grill space, while also providing additional storage space for grilling tools and accessories.

Our Argentine Gaucho Grills are perfect for entertaining guests, impressing customers, or simply providing a unique and high-quality cooking experience. Upgrade your backyard or commercial kitchen with a high-quality Argentine Gaucho Grill today. Experience what it’s like to grilling over a live fire with the best Argentinian grill on the market.

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Browse through our extensive collection of Argentina style grills and embark on your Argentine-style grilling journey today. Our commitment to quality and tradition ensures you receive the finest, most authentic Gaucho grills on the market. Happy grilling!