# 1 Manufacture of ARgentine and Gaucho Style Grills in USA!

JD Fabrications is proud to introduce the newest addition to our Argentine Gaucho Grills line. There are some seriously impressive new additions as we have taken all that you loved about a traditional Gaucho Grill and supercharged it with modern technology. Made from rust resistant, 304 grade stainless and Corten weathering steel, these Argentinian inspired grills will outlast any other bbq pits on the market and leave your guests wanting more.

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Cooking over an open flame is a way of life that's learned, perfected, and passed down through generations. In Argentina, barbecue is called "asado". The secret to good Argentine asado is an understanding of fire and ability to control temperatures throughout the cook. Gaucho grills make it easy to encapsulate flavor so that each bite is tender and savory. This is Gaucho grilling in it's very essence. 

Argentine Gaucho Grills provide the tools you need to achieve the perfect asado. With height adjustable grates and a fully brick lined firebox, you can control the heat zones to get perfect sear, char, and flavor in your food every time. Our Argentine grills provide ultimate control through a specialized height adjustable grate system. The firebox is fully brick lined to capture and radiate heat. Fuel is lit directly under the cooking grate. As you feed your fire, temperatures are controlled by lifting or lowering the meat above the embers. Our Argentine Gaucho Grills are sought after by people who want to capture the pure essence of perfect asado. Smoke. Moisture. Flavor complexity.  

It's undeniable that the best flavors come with burning your favorite cooking hardwoods. Although many people prefer charcoal, briquettes, or lump charcoal, or a combination of wood and bagged products for convenience, accessibility, or storage. Whatever fuel you choose, know that the smoky flavors of oak, hickory, mesquite, and apple really make flavors come alive. Couple that with 1300+ degrees of fire and you'll produce food with a layered, complex flavor profile you'll crave again and again. Gas simply doesn't get hot enough or produce anywhere near the flavors.

Whether you're cooking a whole suckling pig or whole chickens, our Argentine grill will help you get the job done right. The single-crank Argentine grill is great for those who want to utilize our height-adjustable rotisserie feature. On a 48" Argentine style grill, you'll be able to roast a 30-40 lb. pig or four chickens at one time. Dual-crank Argentine grills come with two independently adjustable grates, allowing two different cooking temperatures on the same grill without splitting the fire for temperature zones. 

Whether you're cooking for friends at home or guests at a restaurant, we have a grill to fit your needs. Portable grills come with fully welded legs and large casters for easy movement. The upper stainless portion is actually removable-meaning if you ever decided to turn the grill into a drop in you can! Drop-in grills are designed to insert into an outdoor kitchen island. They can easily replace your existing gas grill. We can even build custom sizes upon request. We also build traditional steel and stainless Santa Maria style grills! 

JD Fabrications Argentine grills are made with upper stainless construction. Constructed with 304 grade stainless, they are rust resistant, easy to wipe clean, non-porous, and designed to last. This stainless is not the same as some kitchen equipment that starts to rust within the first year. 304 grade stainless has a much higher composition of rust resistant properties that make them hold up in a commercial setting. Not only do we use superior materials, but we are the only manufacturer who fully passivates them. Read more about stainless and our passivation process here: Not All Stainless Grills Are Created Equal - JD Fabrications BBQ

The upper warming rack allows you to keep food warm or rest your food without having to remove it from the grill. Most asado is best when allowed to rest a while after cooking, allowing the juices to settle before cutting. We often remove food from the fire slightly before its ready because usually the internal temperature is high enough that it can continue to cook even after it's removed from the fire. 

Portable Argentine grills come in two base material options. The first, Corten, also known as weathering steel, is designed to rust in a way that is pleasing to the eye but not so corrosive that the rust will become destructive. It's aging process begins as a gray tone, gradually moves to a golden color and then finally to a darker gray tone. You'll see this durable material used in architecture, notably on some Starbucks store's exteriors. The second, stainless grill, is a sleeker look. Easy to clean and will last for the life of the grill without rusting. Drop In styles are all stainless. So, whether you're looking for a classic Argentine grill for sale or a modern stainless one, we've got you covered.