Argentine Grill Insert With Firebox

48", 60", 72" Dual Crank Gaucho Grill Insert With Firebox

Discover the epitome of innovation with JD Fabrications’ new Argentine Grill Insert design, featuring a modern architectural tube design and a top warming rack. This sleek addition not only provides a stylish touch but also serves practical purposes—ideal for resting finished food or infusing an extra hint of smoke into your culinary creations. Revamp your outdoor kitchen and experience the pinnacle of grilling luxury with our premier Argentine Style drop-in grill inserts, incorporating a firebox and Argentine V Grate for an authentic and exceptional grilling experience.

Make the leap from your outdated gas grill to our wood-fired or charcoal options, turning your outdoor space into a genuine grilling haven. Indulge in flavors that surpass traditional gas grilling, whether you’re savoring juicy steaks or relishing mouth-watering burgers. Our fully welded, rivet-free design guarantees durability and virtually eliminates malfunctions, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship that sets JD Fabrications apart.

Experience culinary mastery with our Gaucho Grill Inserts, boasting height-adjustable technology for precise cooking temperature control. The secret to mastering Argentine grilling lies in slow, all-day cooking. Unlike portable grills, our built-in option becomes a permanent fixture in your outdoor space, offering unmatched convenience and reliability. It transforms into the focal point of your backyard kitchen, captivating onlookers with the mesmerizing theatrics of wood-fired food grilling. Embrace the art of Argentine grilling with complete control over temperature and fuel source, ensuring a culinary experience that stands out.

Handcrafted with thicker materials, our Argentine Grill Inserts with Firebox and V Grate promise heirloom quality, establishing a new standard for wood, charcoal, or gas grills in the market. Elevate your grilling game with this combination of unmatched performance and craftsmanship, and experience the next level of outdoor culinary excellence.

Argentine Insert With Firebox

Stainless Argentine Grill Insert with firebox for hollow wall outdoor kitchen island

Introducing the Argentine Grill Insert with Firebox, specifically crafted for hollow islands. This innovative design features a self-contained firebox that seamlessly drops into a counter, akin to a sink, supported by 1.5″ lips on all sides. The versatile firebox allows for direct lighting at the bottom or on a charcoal grate. Available in dual and single crank configurations, in both steel and stainless materials, this insert is firebrick lined to ensure optimal heat retention for an unparalleled grilling experience. Upgrade your outdoor kitchen with this cutting-edge solution, perfect for elevating your culinary endeavors.


  • Firebirck lined walls and floor for a  heat resistant firebox. 
  • Decreased brick cost for brick islands
  • Easy installation for brick or hollow wall islands.
  • Easy grill insert kit for Do it yourself. 

Argentine Insert with Frame

Stainless Argentine Grill Insert Frame for masonry outdoor kitchen islands


Discover the Argentine Grill Insert with Frame, designed for solid brick islands. With a drop-in frame boasting 3″ lips on all sides, it effortlessly integrates into counter openings. Diverging from conventional models, this design excludes a metal firebox; rather, fires are constructed on an existing firebrick base. Choose from dual and single crank configurations, available in durable steel or stainless materials. Elevate your outdoor kitchen with this versatile and resilient insert for a sophisticated grilling experience.

  • Long lasting
  • Lighter than a full firebox 
  • easy installation for brick islands