ALL Stainless Primal Santa Maria Argentine BBQ Grill Pit

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  • All Stainless Primal Santa Maria Argentine BBQ Grill Pit.
  • All stainless Santa Maria BBQ Grill with Warming rack
  • Firebrick lined Santa Maria BBQ Grill Pit
  • Architectural Santa Maria Argentine BBQ Grill Pit
  • Argentine Gaucho Grill All stainless steel construction firebrick lined
  • Best Santa Maria Argentine BBQ Grill
$5,422.00 - $7,447.00
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Architectural Santa Maria Argentine BBQ Grill Pit.  


  • Precisely sloped Stainless Argentine Grill grate with drip pan: Perfect for catching fat dripping and rolling them into the front drip pan for basting and minimizing flare ups. 
  • Stainless steel free float round rod warming rack: Easy to clean and perfect for slow cooking and keeping food warm. 
  • Type 304 foot grade stainless firebox and legs  
  • Firebrick lined firebox: Helps retrain heat inside the firebox and helps prevent premature warping of the firebox floor. 
  • Large non marking casters: Perfect for rolling over different terrains with lock brakes to stop grill from moving when being used.  
  • Fully brick lined firebox to funnel the heat upward minimizing heat loss
  • upper warming rack to allow meats to rest while cooking other items 
  • Height adjustable rotisserie: center shaft to allow larger pieces of meat to be cooked, also allows for a dual split fire to cook from both sides, center shaft creates equal weight distribution allowing the guide tabs to glide with ease when raising and lowering meat on rotisserie. 



  • Type 304 Stainless upper grill
  • Split guides that can accept a stainless rotisserie (with JD Fabrications custom brackets)
  • Stainless Argentine Grate with drip pan (can be upgraded to Stainless Free Float round rod grate)
  • Upper free float stainless round rod warming rack 
  • Stainless Round wheel with spokes and Stainless ratchet crank mechanism
  • Heavy 3/16" Stainless Plate lower firebox 
  • Stainless legs 
  • Firebrick lined walls and bottom floor 
  • Large non marking casters with lock brakes
  • Aircraft grade wire
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