Countertop Drop In / Firebox

Countertop Drop In / Firebox

Tired of your Outdoor BBQ Island cooking food that taste like gas? We have the perfect solution! JD Fabrications Santa Maria Style Drop in Firebox Grill. Simply remove your old gas grill out of its hollow wall island and slip in our fully contained firebox.

Cooking for family, extended family, friends, or everyone in the smelling distance is easy with a Santa Maria BBQ Grill. Its unique uncovered style coal bed will deliver the ultimate smokey wood flavor. Best of all its easy to use with its Santa Maria style adjustable grill grates. Simply lower the grate close to the fire for that ultimate sear that will lock in flavors. Followed by raising the grates to finish the meat to the perfection.

Santa Maria Drop in BBQ Grill Options:

  • Stainless construction or Steel construction
  • 3 Cooking grates: Free Float Stainless Round Rod Grate, Argentine Grate with Drip Pan, and Stainless Griddle
  • Single Crank (one grill grate full length of grill) or Dual Crank (two independent grates in one firebox)
  • Deluxe with height adjustable Rotisserie or Standard
    • Deluxe Grill comes with:
      • Removable Grill grates
      • 85lbs height adjustable rotisserie with 5/8” rod, two stainless forks, and lock.
      • Log lighter Natural Gas or LPG
      • Larger 1” round wheel.



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