36 Inch Argentinian-Style Gaucho Grill - Firebrick Lined Firebox with Folding Front Oven Door

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  • Santa Maria Argentine BBQ Grill with front fold down door argentine V sloped grates.
  • Santa Maria Argentine Grill with front fold down door firebrick lined interior
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  • Firebrick lined walls and bottom insulate the grill keeping the heat concentrated under your food. 
  • Argentine grill grates that funnel grease drippings into a removable drip pan 
  • 3/16" steel construction for longevity 
  • 1400 degree fire rated paint. Unlike powder coat paint can be touched up if scratched or faded. 
  • Stainless cutting boards: Our cutting boards can be removed from grill for storage or cleaning. Our competitors use steel cutting boards that cant be cleaned and will rust overtime. 
  • Fully welded tube legs: Our legs are not a bolted together cart that the grill just sits on. By welding the legs to the firebox you achieve a strong base that will not brake down overtime and become wobbly. It also eliminates the need for tools and hours to assemble.  
  • Round wheel is made from 5/8" solid round stock. This ergonomic design makes it easier to adjust the grill grate when standing in front of the grill due to round stock being easier the grab. Flat stock or suicide knobs require you to stand on the side of the grill.


  • 36" x 24" firebox 
  • Overall dimension including cutting boards 63" by 30"
  • 3/16" thick firebox and door 
  • Fully welded construction 
  • Height adjustment: 5/8 solid rolled round wheel. Round material is more ergonomic than flat bar that competitors use.  
  • Crank mechanism: Ratchet crank can hold over 250 lbs 
  • Adjustable Height: Our grate will travel from the floor of the grill to the top crank bar giving you 32 inches of adjustable grate. 
  • Grate: 30" x 20" Steel Argentine grate. Can be upgraded to stainless Argentine. 
  • Air Craft grade wire with U bolts. Not aluminum clamps that become weak/loose with heat. 
  • Cutting Boards: 2 food grade stainless cutting boards. 
  • Front Opening: Our front opening is reinforced with braces to stop the side walls from warping. 
  • Firebrick: All 3 walls and firebox bottom are lined with split firebrick. They can easily be removed and replaced if ever needed. 
  • Front Door: Our front door is reinforced with 1.5" x 1" 1/8th thick tube. This gives the front door structure and shape. A lot of our competitors use a flat sheet of material. 
  • Casters: 4 non-marking swivel casters with lock brakes. 
  • Only Assembly required: Install 4 casters takes approximately 5 minutes no tools required and install. Cutting boards 8 @ 3/8" nuts socket or wrench required takes few minutes.  
  • Made in USA


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